Google Chrome users can now access their Mac remotely via Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS

With Chrome Remote Desktop, which first launched on Android months ago, Google harnesses Chrome’s built-in assets to create a secure ad-hoc connection for remote support, or long-term access for secure app and file access.

The app works in combination with a Chrome browser extension, downloadable from the Chrome Web Store. Connecting is straightforward, as users simply set up remote access in Chrome for Mac, then enter a generated code to link up their iOS device. Once setup is complete, the iOS app can be used to connect to any online computer in a user’s ecosystem.

A major benefit to using Chrome’s browser and accompanying iOS app is multi-platform support, Google notes. Chrome Remote Desktop supports remote assistance on PCs running Windows and Linux, while secure file access is reserved for Windows XP and above and OS X 10.6 and above. In addition to the iOS app, Chromebook owners can remotely access at-home computers in the same manner.

Chrome Remote Desktop is a free 9MB download from the iOS App Store. A separate Chrome for Mac extension is required for operation.

Reports appleinsider

i’ve tested this and it works quiet well, Michael

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