Google reveals Project Fi as carrier with flexible data allowances

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Project Fi switches between two carriers, provides credits for unused data

Google has confirmed earlier rumours that it was planning to launch its own wireless service. Project Fi is a virtual network that provides calls, texts, and data like other carriers, but the main feature of the service is that it will drastically simplify and potentially cheapen the user’s bill, by asking customers to pay for the basic service and only for the amount of data they use in the month.

Running on top of Sprint and T-Mobile’s wireless networks, Project Fi will automatically switch between the carriers and Wi-Fi hotspots, depending on which provides the user with the fastest service. Smartphones using the Project Fi software will be able to automatically connect to more than one million free Wi-Fi hotspots, with connections encrypted when on the public connection, and Google promises calls will seamlessly switch between hotspots and cellular service without user intervention.

Users will also be able to benefit from not having to use their smartphone to make or receive calls or texts. Devices supporting Google Hangouts, including computers and other mobile devices, can connect to the user’s account and use them for calls and texts instead.
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