Got My Order In ~ Delivery 3/11/17 ~ Yes!

Timeline is Bottom of page Up
At 6.30pm AEDT it was 4-5 weeks delivery





select iPhone, tap iPhone X, choose finish (Silver), choose capacity (64GB), Add to Bag, Skip Accessories, Tap Bag, Choose Delivery – incase they ship a day early (one can hope)

OH NO nothings in my Bag

Apple Store came back up on my iPhone at 6.03pm AEDT – was still not back on the Mac 6.09pm AEDT

iPad and iPhone and Mac ~ I’m Ready!


Apple Store went down about 2.00pm AEDT

I Tested my system at about 10:30am AEDT ~ buying a Lightening to 3.5 adapter (my fisrt iPhone without headphone jack)

Are You Ready??

All you iPhone X people. Ready?

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