“hello again” Apple Keynote ~ Oct 28, 2016 Australian Time

“hello again” Apple Keynote

Oct 28, 2016 Australian Time


New Accessibility website

iPhone update


1 month 60%+

Apple Pay in Japan

watch & wathos3

Apple TV

minecraft coming to Apple TV

2 Twitter staff demoing interactive TV

Unified TV experience ~ Jen ????????

new app  =  TV ( starting in the US in December)

on iPhone & iPad (replaces Videos app)

Siri intergration

start watching on iPad, go to Apple TV – knows where you left off

Siri Live Tune In

Mac  –  “dear to us at Apple”

macOS Sierra

iCloud drive

Universal clipboard

Apple pay on ac


detailed file search

This week 25th Anniversary of first PowerBook (Ocy 25)

video reliving Apple Portables to announce

 NEW MacBook Pro with Touchbar 

Phil Schiller

13 & 15”

silver and space grey

thinnest & lightest

17% thinner

3 pounds


20 thinner

4 punds

force touch trackpad twice the size

12” MacBook Keyboard

1971 since Function Keys introduced

Touch Bar

Retina Display

Multi Touch


quick type suggestions

Touch ID with Apple T1 chip (secure enclave_

Greg Federighi

Siri key for the first time on a Mac

Hold down the Function key to get to the FAULTY OPTICAL – F12 etc keys

predictive cc in Mail, Bold etc text, colours


previews of tabs in Safari

previews of photos in Photos and scrub bar for Video

Photo effects and filters

Customise TouchBar by dragging

Fast user switching by using Touch ID

PS back

The Display

67% brighter





Radeon GPU

upto 2TB

twice dynamic range Audio


4 Thunderbolt3 ports / USB-C ports

All will charge, or be Usb or

LG = new Apple Display

Susan Prescott – Demo Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro NEW version

Timeline in Touch Bar

Brady Evans – Demo Photoshop

beyond me – watch the video

scroll through visual history

should be available before end of year

Karin Morsy – Demo DJ Pro

again watch the video

available later this year

Many companies working on support





Video – Johnny Ive

10 Hours Battery Life

13” MacBook Air ONLY

Low end 13” MacBook Pro

standard Function Keys

2 Thunderbolt Ports

Specs – thanks to iMore.com

Apple calls the MacBook Pro its most powerful Mac ever. The 13-inch model offers a dual-core Intel Core i5/i7 processor with 2133MHz memory and Iris Graphics with 64MB eDRAM (2x faster than the prior 13-inch MacBook Pro). The company claims it brings 103% faster gaming speeds, 76% faster video editing, and 76% faster 3D graphics.

On the 15-inch side, Apple offers the quad-core Intel Core i7 standard, along with the Radeon Pro graphics processor, which uses the Polaris Architecture and includes 4GB VRAM and 2.3x faster graphics than the previous version of the 15-inch MacBook Pro. You can also get a solid-state hard drive with up to 2TB of storage, which Apple claims is up to 50% faster than previous models. Overall, the company boasts 130% faster 3D graphics, 60% faster gaming speeds, and 57% faster video editing.


Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 5.20.16 am.jpg

Cost US$

$1499, $1799, and $2399



shows the Ad

Reviews what has been released This Year



How long to get an external keyboard with Touch Bar??

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