In rare early video, Steve Jobs and Woz talk about Apple’s beginnings

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“By 2015 standards, 1984 might seem to fall rather early in the chronology of Apple Computer, Inc. But the company had already seen a lot of history by then,” Harry McCracken reports for Fast Company.

“And in the vintage nine-minute video below — really, a slideshow of still images accompanied by voiceovers — cofounders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak looked back at some of it, dating all the way back to 1976’s Apple I,” McCracken reports. “The speaker at the start of the video is Paul Terrell, who founded one of the world’s first computer stores, the Byte Shop, in Mountain View, California, in 1975. The next year, he played a significant role in Apple history by placing an order for 50 of Wozniak and Jobs’s Apple I computers — on the contingency that they supply them fully assembled, rather than as a solder-it-yourself kit.”

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