Key Smarthome Vendors Hint at Upcoming Official Apple HomeKit Launch [Update]

Some key vendors in the smarthome space have suggested that Apple is planning an official HomeKit launch, and sooner rather than later. While Apple announced HomeKit as part of iOS 8 back at WWDC, the company hasn’t said much about it since the initial announcement. That might be about to change.

As I was assembling the list of HomeKit devices, I realized there were a few notable companies who hadn’t officially said anything one way or another, and some who had said they were “looking into it” when HomeKit was announced, but have yet to elaborate. Note that Apple itself hasn’t issued a single press release about HomeKit. While I did get a few answers, they led to more questions.

When asked, WeMo pledged support “in the very near future.” Next on the list was Philips Huelighting, which gave the following response:”we are actively working to address Apple requirements

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