New iPhone 6 / 6 Plus TV Ad Released; “Voice Text”

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As we approach the festive shopping season, potentially one of Apple’s most lucrative sales periods in recent times, the Cupertino giant has released another TV ad focusing on the recently released <a href=””>iPhone 6</a> and <a href=””>iPhone 6 Plus</a>. The video has been given the title “<em>Voice Text</em>” and follows hot on the heels of the <a href=””>fifth and sixth</a> commercials featuring the voice and endorsements of celebrity A-listers Justin Timberlake and The Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon.

Apple has clearly been making the celebrity pair work hard for their money, with this seventh advertisement also featuring voiceovers from the pair. As the name of the ad might suggest, Apple is attempting to focus on one of the newest features added to the native Messages app with the launch of iOS 8; the ability to easily and efficiently send voice messages with any iMessage. As the video clearly shows, users are able to tap and hold the microphone button within the Messages app to instantly capture a voice memo that can be attached to any iMessage.

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