New MacBook Issue

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A new tech note from Apple details a flaw that can occur during the initial setup of the new 12-inch Retina MacBook that causes the process to stop temporarily — sometimes for a prolonged period — before finishing. According to the new tech note, Apple recommends that if users experience the issue they can restart the initial setup process by restarting, and can opt to disconnect from the Internet in order to allow the setup to proceed, and then connect to the Internet afterwards. The problem appears to center around Apple ID setup or iCloud account creation.

In nearly all cases, if the machine is left alone it will eventually complete the process, but many users are understandably impatient when a seeming issue comes up and may opt to restart, which can cause the partial creation of an account and the error message on restart that the account already exists. In that case, the support document says, users can complete the process using a temporary user name, then later go back, log out, and delete the test account. There is, unusually, no promise of a forthcoming fix made explicit in the document, but users can presume that the company is investigating the provisioning issue and will eventually resolve it on the company’s end.

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