New TV ads for Apple Watch focus on tourism, fitness, parenthood

Apple on Thursday debuted four new TV ads for the Apple Watch on its official YouTube channel, continuing a strategy of depicting the device in realistic scenarios.

Two of the ads, “Berlin” and “Beijing,” try a tourism angle and depict two pairs of women visiting the cities for the first time. The Watch is used for tasks like finding attractions and getting directions, and in the Beijing clip, one woman uses Digital Touch to escape talking to a man at a nightclub.

In “Closer,” the Watch is used by parents and kids to communicate and in one instance play a game of tic-tac-toe. The final ad, “Goals,” shows people participating in a number of fitness activities like running, yoga, martial arts, and strength exercises.

The Watch can track heart rate, steps, and standing time, mixing it with GPS data from an iPhone to calculate figures like distance traveled and calories burned.

The use of lifestyle branding has been a recurring theme of Watch ads since the device launched in April. Indeed Apple’s TV advertising in general is now increasingly concentrated on “real-world” situations, whereas the company used to promote features on their own.

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