Review ~ Cable Organiser Gadget Storage Bag ~ Light & Neat

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On a recent trip I took an Ikea cable bag with me.  I got to thinking a bit bulky for travelling?

So I had a look on eBay under travel cable bags and found these.  They are lighter and tend to hold more, neater, and the zippers work better than the Ikea one which the inside did ALWAYS get caught on!

As you can see in the photo of my USB & networking bag below.  All there nicely laid out neat and tidy.

Also a SD card holder in the mesh pocket, handy!

I have not found any problems so far in the few days I’ve had them.  If I do will of course let everyone know.

Link to these bags BUT other sellers do have them.

Pros                                                         Cons

Light – I think 2 are lighter than the Ikea bag

The elastic expands well for bulkier items

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