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(first delivery)

  • Dollar Shave Club ~ great product, awesome value

    I joined Dollar Shave Club about 8 months ago so as to give the system a go.

    I chose “THE EXECUTIVE” blade system which gives me 4 x 6 blade cartridges a month at $10.00 per month, delivered to me. Compare that to say Gillette’s Fusion 4 x 5 blade cartridges at $25.00 a pack, plus the time waiting to get them out of the locked cabinet!

    Another excellent point I liked about Dollar Shave Club is I could change the system and get my 4 Pack every two months as I only shave every second day.

    My final comment is about the handle. It is curved to fit in the hand comfortably, nicely weighted and made of metal with an easy clip in clip out system.

    I have tried the other Australian shaver delivery company but the handle, even on their top of the line unit, was plastic and never felt as sturdy or as high quality as the Dollar Shave Club model.

  • Pros
    Excellent Design
    Ease of use
    Great result every time
    No irritation
    It turns up the same time every month
    (every 2nd month in my case now)
    A little laugh, on the card, with each delivery
    A chance to get free blades – just by helping your mates

    Having to get one for the wife also
    (Not really a con, as I’m saving even more money)

    Disclosure – we are ­not paid to give product reviews, good or bad.

    (cartridge delivery)

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