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Over the past year I have been using the Maxell AirStash. This is a very nifty product! It is a USB and SD card, pocket-sized wireless server, and media player. Powered by a seven hour battery, the Maxell Airstash allows you to stream and/or transfer files wirelessly to and from the Airstash to your Apple, Android, UNIX, Windows and Chromebook devices.

Mac, Windows, UNIX and ChromeOS users connect via a browser, while Android and iDevices use the free AirStash app. Android & iDevice users can use the browser too, but the app gives you several extra settings – one of which lets you stay connected to your cellular network.

Using the Maxell AirStash app on my iDevices, I was able to watch three videos simultaneously. YES, three – that should keep the kids happy during the holiday road trips. One of the excellent tricks this device can do is play the same content started at different times to different devices.


The Maxell AirStash comes with a 8GB or 16GB SD card and can use a 32GB SD card or go all out and have a 2TB SDXC card!

You get seven hours of continuous use from the battery and it can be used while it is charging in an adapter – for example, your phone (but not when charging in a computer).

You can store any file type on the unit, just like any other server.

The Maxell AirStash has many uses besides entertaining the kids on trips with video and audio …you can backup your photos from trips, transfer business docs (faster than most companies’ WiFi), quickly share presentations at meetings, etc …the list keeps growing. Have one SD Card for work and one for your daily commute.

Unlike other products out there, this is available in Australia, with a full Australian warranty and support, and at a very competitive price – so don’t bother with Amazon.

As you can see by the title I really like the AirStash by Maxell. I recently took it to a party and demo-ed it to family and friends, who all said “I’ll take one!” …and at only $66.75 for the 8GB unit, why the hell not?!

Pros                                                         Cons

Easy setup

Available and supported in Australia

Compatible with everything

Streams to 8 devices

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