Review ~ twelvesouth HiRise Deluxe ~ Apple Ethos to a T

The HiRise Deluxe stand for iPhone and iPad is as expected from twelvesouth an excellent product.  The idea of having you iPhone, iPad or micro USB phone so far off a surface is a bit un-nerving at start but the convenience soon becomes obvious.

The quality of everything even down to the packaging is excellent, they have clearly followed the Apple ethos of “not only the product is important but the whole experience”.  The two advantages of this accessory is it comes with various mounts you install to suit your phone or tablet still in its case and secondly being at a nice angle you can easily read information on the display, no more having to stop what your doing to glance at a message that just came in.

As you can see in the photo of my desk it is a nice product which compliments the surroundings.

My only issue was that you need to hold the stand down to remove my iDevice.  This could been seen as a feature as it causes you to focus on disconnecting your device correctly so as not to bend the connector. We also used a bit of double sided tape on the stand once the best position on the desk was established, this worked a treat.

You have to assemble the unit yourself which is straightforward and this lets you choose you desired setup, this is clever as it gives you connection to the HiRise as Ikea enthusiasts are aware.  Of course there is an instructional video ( if you need to be re-assured.

So get it, make it and enjoy it!!

Pros                                                         Cons

Excellent Design

Is more than just a charge station

Ease of use

Easy to assemble

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