Slick, Useful Apps Put the Wow in Apple Watch

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I’ve seen some of the applications that will launch for the Apple Watch when it makes its debut as early as March, albeit in simulation, and some are extraordinary. Along with the details Apple has already released about how the watch will work, it’s convinced me Apple Watch will be a launching pad for the next wave of billion-dollar consumer-tech startups.

Contrast that with the predictions of many pundits that the watch will flop, or sell only modestly. Others, like the analysts behind a Morgan Stanley note from November, are so optimistic they project the watch will sell 30 million units in its first year, increasing Apple’s value by more than 10% and adding more than $50 billion to its market cap.

Apple has already revealed the sleek, customizable watch itself, and this being Apple, it’s safe to assume the company is going to release hardware that’s best in class.

Much more important to the success or failure of the watch, however, are the apps. And Apple already has the world’s deepest bench of happy, well-paid mobile-app developers, who collectively generated $10 billion in revenue at the App Store in 2014, according to Apple.

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