Using Apples Numbers as an accounting package

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Dan Moren over at has written a great article on how he setup Numbers to keep track of his accounts now he is self employed.

Numbered days: Freelance accounting with Apple’s spreadsheet

Part of the challenge in going freelance over the last nine months or so has been keeping careful track of the projects I do, and making sure not only that I remember to send out invoices, but also that I get paid—hopefully, promptly.

I’ve tried out a few all-in-one solutions that have been recommended, including FreshBooks and Billings Pro, and while they’re almost all perfectly fine, they’re also generally far too much for my needs. I deal only with a few clients, and most of my work does not require time-tracking.

What I really wanted was a Mac app for simple databases, à la the late, lamented Bento. There are a couple of spiritual successors out there, including Records—still a bit too light on features for me—and Tap Forms Mac—much more powerful, but a little idiosyncratic for my tastes.

Well, as they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself.

Ultimately, the best solution for me—and I stress, for me—has proved to be Numbers, for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s already on all my Macs and iOS devices. Secondly, while it may not be on par with the likes of Excel, it is remarkably powerful. And thirdly, well, it’s pretty and has a pretty gradual learning curve.

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