World’s First Swimming App for Apple Watch

Active in Time, the company behind the SWIMIO app for Pebble, began a skunk works project on the app once Apple announced watchOS 2 at WWDC.

“Once we had ourselves setup to develop on beta 1, things went surprisingly smoothly. Our algorithm is developed in pure ANSI C which meant that it compiled first time on the Apple Watch with no code changes at all. It also uses fixed math to ensure known mathematical precision.”

One issue with the Apple Watch is that it constantly switches off to save battery, suspending the app and not allowing realtime processing of data.

Fortunately Apple have provided APIs which get around this in an interesting way. The various sensors allow you to say in advance which data is needed and will then buffer this up for you whilst your app is suspended. As soon as the screen turns on again, your app wakes up and can then request all the data which was produced whilst it was sleeping.

Due to Apple guidelines, it’s unlikely that AiT will be able to release the app until a new officially waterproof version of the device is released. Hopefully Apple sees the demand for such a feature and adds it to the next generation Apple Watch.

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