83% adoption

iOS 9

Battery Life, Security

40% improvement over the last year

Siri links to app when request is made

Siri context aware

Siri looks in email to suggest who’s calling you

API for search, enabling Deep Linking to apps

search is Anonymous

 Pay   female presenter!!!!!

square integration

1 million locations next month

UK getting  Pay including London Transport

Loyalty cards being added to  Pay

Passbook now called “Wallet”

app improvements

notes = formatting and drawing and image and MUCH more

maps = 5 billion requests per week, transit maps including fastest way to get into station

locations by type and  Pay

News = new Apple app = 2nd female presenter

similar to Clipboard

Australia in first countries for News with US and IK

Keyboard has shortcuts

Keyboard now trackpad = When using a physical keyboard with your iPad, you can now use new shortcuts — such as for switching between apps.



slideover = split screen

picture in picture video

1 hour better battery life

new low power mode

1.3 Gb for iOS9

new ReplayKit – record your gaming and share

enhancements to ~

HealthKit – hydration, UV



Swift2 – 15,000 apps

Open Source – crowd goes wild

Public beta July

Same devices as iOS8

available to the rest of us in the Aussie Spring

app store = 100 Billion apps dowloaded recently

US$30 Billion

App Store speed compared to electricity and TV

avg person 119 apps

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