WWDC18 Part 1 – iOS rundown

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opens with a great little video
77 countries
20 million developers
app store turns 10 next month
500 million weekly visitors
this week will top 100 billion dollars TO developers
350,000 apps written in SWIFT

Customer at centre of everything

Today is ALL ABOUT Software
Craig Federighi

iOS11 81%, Android 6%

iOS12 on same devices as iOS11
iOS 12 on 6Plus
apps launch 40% faster
keyboards 50% faster

“If this was all we’d done in iOS 12, would be a great release. But so much more.”

iOS 12 offers easy way to experience AR across the system. Partnered with Pixar to create USDZ, an AR filesystem, a 3D render that can be placed into the real world. “AR Quick Look”

CTO of Adobe talks about USDZ
Brining USDZ to Creative Cloud
New iOS app to allow developers to bring anything built in Creative Cloud to AR apps

Craig back talking about accurate measurement — critical part of AR. Introducing a new app called Measure. AR app for measuring lines etc. Very similar to a bunch of AR apps.

CF demos measuring old suitcase, old photo, captures fender guitar in real size

ARKit 2, Currently world’s largest AR platform, and ARKit 2 coming this year. Improved face tracking, persistent experiences, shared experiences, 3D object detection.

Shared experiences, 2 users and observers

Martin Sanders, Lego
ARKit2 expands physical and digital, 4 friends play in same space.

Trillion photos captured in iOS each year. Photos.app
Search suggestions before typing
Search multiple terms, ie surfing and holidays
Search also includes places, larger categories like museums. Photos categorizes events. Can search for multi-search terms; get suggestions for additional search terms. For You tab replacing Memories tab. Includes memories and a lot more.

For You suggests photos and person to shared when you share the other person gets photos to share back to you

Siri improvements next. (Thank god.) 10 billion requests per month.
New Siri integration for apps called Shortcuts. Add a shortcut, assign a phrase. Say “I lost my keys,” and Siri will open Tile and show you keys. Looks like some underlying Workflow magic.

Siri suggestions on lock screen, like order coffee, call Grandma on birthday
New Shortcuts.app – Workflow stuff
Kim Beveret from the Shortcuts team here to show off the demo. “Let’s get caffeinated!”
Travel Plans
Lots of “shortcuts” already in app
Shortcuts work on iphone, iPad, HomePod, Watch.

Susan Prescott
Apple News, new Browse Tab
iPad gets sidebar
Completely rebuilt Stocks.app, includes Apple News in and available on iPad
Voice memos now on iPad and iCloud Sync
iBooks replaced by Apple Books, eBooks and Audio Books
CarPlay now supports 3rd party Nav apps

CF back
managing habits and distracted time
built in features
Do Not Disturb – during bedtime, no longer shows all messages
DND will stop by leaving a location

New Notifications controls. Instant tuning. Deliver quietly that don’t show up on your lock screen, or turning things off altogether. Siri will suggest turning off notifications for apps you don’t use often.
huge applause for GROUPED NOTIFICATIONS.

Screen Time
Weekly Activity Summary about what times spent on apps, when, and how often picking up phone
includes app limit – ie sets
includes total usage, ie on iPad and iPhone
Parents see kids Screen Time summary, and get control with allowances including Downtime

Animoji now has tongue detection
New Animoji: Ghost, Koala, Tiger, and T-Rex
Memoji – personelised Animoji

Kelsey Peterson – from Messages team
Now creating a Miimoji. Lots of options for skin colour, number of freckles, huge hairstyle numbers, colours for eye colour and hair, lips, earrings, eyewear. Creating sunglasses from scratch.

Fun effects into the Messages app’s camera. Effects like shapes, text, stickers, live filters, even Animoji live. Tracks next to your head.

Yes!!! Group FaceTime
up to 32 People

included in messages
go from Group Chat to Group FaceTime

FaceTime groups. Four floating tiles; automatically enlarges and retracts when you speak. The rest of the folks hang out in the Roster. You can also double tap on anyone to enlarge manually.

Fun effects also available on FaceTime camera. Everyone now an Animoji.

CF hands back to Tim

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