WWDC18 Part 2 – watchOS, tvOS, MacOS rundown

Tim Apple Watch
60% growth in 2017
Story about Apple Watch saving a life
watchOS 5
Kevin Lynch to
Health & Fitness up first. Fitness lab burned 2.3 million calories testing watch to make it more accurate.
New Activity feature: Competitions. Earn points as you compete against your friends. When you win, you get a new award.
New Workout type – Yoga
New Workout type – Hiking
More running info and pace alert and cadence
Auto workout detection – includes retroactive credits
real time voice messaging
Siri watch face
Shortcuts appear on Apple Watch based on time and location.
You can also now see third-party apps and suggested content on Siri watch face.
New feature. Now when you raise your wrist, you don’t have to say Hey Siri: just talk.
New more interactive notifications for third party apps on Apple Watch.
watchOS 5 integrates WebKit. You can see content formatted for the screen in Mail or Messages; reader mode preferred. No custom Safari browser, though
Yes Podcast.app now will be on your watch – synced to devices
on an workout bike
Looking at a safari website. “I’ll tap you when the page has loaded.” Smart.
Student ID Cards on watch
Tim Apple TV
50% year on year growth
Jen Folks
4K and HDR
iTunes offers largest collection of 4K and HDR shows / movies
Now better sound Dolby Atmos
Dolby Atmos sound bar needed
ATV only Dolby Vision + Atmos verified box. Atmos coming to iTunes this fall. Free upgrades like 4K was.
Live news and sports
over 100 live channels
New: Zero sign-on. If you’re on your cable providers network, it will securely unlock all your content.
Apple TV remote in Control Centre
Now Tap Siri remote to see where a screensaver is from. Swipe between them.
New ISS filmed screen savers!
Tim, “We love the Mac”
Huge Leap Forward
Craig back
MacOS Mojave
Dark Mode
Xcode in Dark Mode gets BIG applause
Dynamic Desktop – changes throughout the day
Desktop stack tidies up your desktop auto arranged by Kind, date Tag
Scrub through Stacks
New Finder changes
Gallery view
Create Automator actions
QuickLook now integrates Markup, including signing documents, image rotate, video trim
Screen shot
Video integrated into screen shooting.
Also adds screen capture for video, and a HUD to easily control it.
Continuity Camera
Apps coming to Mojave
News for Mac
Stocks for Mac – with Business News
Voice Memos for Mac
Home coming to Mac
Security & Privacy
New privacy protections. Enabled by default.
Safari Enhancements
Social sharing and comments tracking? Apple is SHUTING THEM DOWN.
Digital fingerprint tracking is also being discouraged through data starvation.
Fingerprinting. Now presenting sites with a simplified system configuration, and built-in fonts. More difficult for data companies to figure out who you are. INCLUDING iOS12 Safari
Anne Thai App Store manager
Updating Mac App Store redesign
Weekly in depth editorial about apps
Tabs will be ~ discover, create, work, play, develop, categories, updates. Video previews.
Ratings & Reviews for Mac apps API
Office 365 coming to app store
Tansmit, BBEdit
CF back to talk Technologies
Now talking underlying technologies. Metal on the Mac: over 1 billion Metal-enabled devices.
Machine Learning, can be accelerated using Metal
New tool Create ML
CoreML is now 30% faster
CF addresses “are we merging iOS and macOS, NO!!!!”
Sneak Peek – Multi Year Project
porting app from one to another is a pain
Phase1 Apple Only
Phase2 next year for Developers
Group FaceTime also coming to Mac!
And FavIcons in Safari tabs.
Tim closing off
Updates to user this fall
Developer Betas today
Closing video by families on having a developer in the family!!
On behalf of everyone at Apple, thank you! – @tim_cook

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